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Speaker 0: Good day from the editorial office of Firenze Smart in Nicola’s studio in Giannattasio. On A11 for Intense traffic towards Florence there are lines between 6th and Fiorentino in Florence and Beretola and lines between Prato Est and Livio for La Uno. On Fibili in direction of Florence there are lines between Lasra, Signia and Florence and Scandicci in direction of Florence. On the Osiena-Firenze line there are lines between both directions for works between San Casciano and the Allacciamento per la Uno in Florence in Foneta. On the A12 for works until March 20 the Rosignano-Maritimo junction is closed, entrance and exit in direction South.

The city viability sends an announcement for urgent excavation and closure in the stretch between Via San Giovanni e Valverde e via del Palcucci. Muoversi Toscana e servizio realizzato in collaborazione con Regione Toscana Città Metropolitana di Firenze e Cule di Firenze. Buon viaggio. In collaboration with the Tuscany region, the city of Tuscany, Florence, and the city of Florence. Have a good trip!”

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