Infotraffico del 06 Febbraio 2024 08:00

regia 06/02/2024

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Speaker 0: In the city of Florence, the traffic is intensifying on the streets and highways of Tuscany, possible one-way crossings between Calenzano and Piavone Variante and towards the north, the 11 between Sesto Fiorentino and Florence and Perettola between Prato Vovesti and Vivo with the 1, all towards Florence and in Fipiri between La Strassigna and Florence and Scandiccia, once again towards the capital. We are in urban traffic of Florence and we report the narrowing of the road with an increase in the number of cars in Piazzale, Monte Lungo, and other details in the next editions. Before saying goodbye for the construction of the construction site, we report the maintenance of the city of Florence for their support. We are in the old track of Potatura Alberi, on the SP and SR 429. We are between Bruschiana and Castel Fiorentino.

Moversi in Toscana Info is a collaboration service with Toscana, the city of Portana in Florence and the municipality of Florence. That’s all for now. Have a good trip! Moversi in Toscana Info, real-time updates on mobility in the region. Against radio.

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