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Speaker 0: The afternoon of the day, from the editorial office of Firenze Smart, in the studio Nicola Giannattasio. On the A11, heading to Florence, a kilometer of tail for a vehicle in flames between Pistoia and Prato Est. On the carriage opposite, heading to Isar, slow down for Curiosi. On the A1, be careful, Vernebia-Banchi, signaled in the stretch between Ronco-Vilaccio and Aglio. On the A12, closed, the junction of Rosignano-Marittimo, in the entrance, heading Livorno, Until mid-February, the Satale 1 Aurelia will be closed to Visa in correspondence of the video for Coltano for reconstruction works of the Cavalcavia.

In Tuscany, the city of Florence, the city of Florence, the city of Florence, have a good trip!”

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