Infotraffico del 30 Gennaio 2024 08:30

regia 30/01/2024

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Speaker 0: In the direction of Florence there are codes between Sesto Fiorentino and Florence and Veretola and the Attratti code between Frato Ovest and Pivio for the 1 on the Fibili, Attratti code in the direction of Florence between Genestra Fiorentina and Florence and Scandicci the agreement is in Florence for the works Attratti code in both directions between San Cascano and the allacciamento for the 1 in Florence and Bruneta on the Attratti code in the direction of Florence and Veretola in Tuscany is a service made in collaboration with the Tuscany region, the city of Florence and the municipality of Florence. Have a good trip! Contro Radio. Buon ascolto e buon viaggio. FM 93.6 98.9″

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