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Infotraffico del 06 Febbraio 2024 08:30

regia 06/02/2024

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Speaker 0: In outskirts of Calenzano, coming from Florence once again for traffic. The 11-way line for external viability that does not receive between the 11th Florence North and Florence Peretola between Pistoia and Bivio Colla 1, all towards the capital. We arrive at Fipili slowly in the direction of the sea between Bivio di Ramazzo and Pisa, SGC Fipili and Cascina and towards Florence between Ginestra and Florence Scandicci. The urban traffic of Florence per mango is a narrowing of the road and the growth in Piazzale Monte Lungo. Move in Tuscany Info is a collaboration service with the region of Toscana, the city of Maribor, Florence and the municipality of Florence.

Have a pleasant trip! Move to Toscana Info. Updates in real time on mobility in the region. Contro Radio. Buon ascolto e buon viaggio.

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